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  • Katka & Daniel’s wedding – Wieger’s Villa

    For a while before the wedding, I had been counting the days and looked forward to the wedding of the year which awaited me. Eventually the day was here and on 07th of September 2019 I entered the historic villa which can be found amidst the vineyards above the town of Svätý Jur. The vineyards, Wieger’s Villa from the 16th century, a beautiful environment which resembled the Italian Tuscany, peace, silence and two people in love… As a photographer I couldn’t have wish for more.

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    A multicultural wedding

    Katka is Slovak and Daniel is Swiss. The wedding took place in a multicultural spirit, thanks to the many foreign guests who travelled from Switzerland, Italy but also France. All of them however ended up being connected thanks to the renown Slovak slivovica, which was appreciated by everyone.

    historické prostredie, wieglerova vila, ženích a nevesta, kvety, šaty, závoj

    The entire surroundings were literally screaming to get attention from my camera. The well-preserved Wieger’s Villa made from stone and wood, countless decorative lights, the sweet taste of wine by Víno Bognár and the flower decoration from Atelier Papaver. This environment was made perfect by the arrival of the newlyweds- and beautiful wedding portraits could finally be created.

    The bride, Katka, was beaming with happiness. Her good mood and enthusiasm from the upcoming moments were easy to capture for me. Her elegant and light dress was borrowed from the wedding dress shop Nicole, specifically the collection Atelier Pronovias. The shoes (Aldo brand), were very comfortable according to her, but eventually even they ended up being put aside and the bride enjoyed the wedding being barefoot.

    The groom, Daniel, along with his groomsmen looked eye-catching in their perfect suits (by Mensurbigevci_tailor), which were complemented with leather Morjas moccasins. The “band” not only matched perfectly, but they were also on the same wavelength (at least in the drinking of slivovica).

    A marvellous reception, never-ending fun and traditions

    The drinks were served in the spirit of preferred beverages- wine and home brew. However, Sharkam catering and their tasty courses (you don’t have to bother looking for them on the photographs, they were instantly consumed) took care of our bellies. A summer fruit cake with vanilla and white chocolate from Lulus Bakery was also an essential part of this “Italian” wedding. Lulus Bakery also took care of the small cakes in the candy bar.

    Even though the wedding took place at the beginning of September, the autumn weather came in full force. The unpleasant cold, rain and wind sabotaged the planned ceremony which was supposed to take place in a meadow. It seemed as if this would have slightly disrupted the wedding, but Katka and Daniel did not even notice. Emotions, tears, embraces, great people and wedding traditions caused the wedding at Wieger’s Villa to have the right spark.

    The wedding shoe game, breaking of a plate, being carried over the threshold or the midnight čepčenie (the tradition of putting on a headdress worn by married women in Slovakia). For us a common occurrence at weddings, but for the Swiss, Italians and French it was a pleasant surprise which was met with smiles, clapping, laughter and a great mood. Even though each of these nations have their own rich culture, they did not attempt to hide their amazement upon seeing the traditional Slovak dresses.

    Wieger’s Villa and night-time entertainment

    The bad weather wouldn’t end even in the evening, but I got an idea. The environment literally asked for it. However, I was unsure about the reactions of the guests, and especially of the newlyweds. To my surprise, nobody was opposed.

    Everyone took some sparkles and entered the cold without any hesitation.

    The bride (who by the way was still barefoot) ran on the wet grass, couldn’t stop smiling and enjoyed every moment of her big day. The happiness was so tangible, that the photographs only bear witness to it.

    The fun and entertainment got more intense by the minute. The guests were happy for the newlyweds, which could also be seen in the wild and continuous party which lasted until the dawn of the following day. If anyone was tired, there were sofas located away from the wedding parquet where one could drink wine or take part in a relaxed discussion.

    Photographs which touch the soul

    Many of us have let ourselves be charmed by the beauty of the setting, the vineyards which have brought a Tuscan mood into Svätý Jur, or even the rustic building itself, known as Wieger’s Villa.

    It is during these precise moments and weddings that I feel in-depth how the perfect connection arises in the combination of a beautiful place and people who are full of happiness and enjoyment, as well as a beautiful bride and a charming groom. The photographs that are consequently created are a balm for the soul of not only the photographer, but also for Katka and Daniel themselves, who were very satisfied with the results.

    I would like to thank the newlyweds for having the opportunity to photograph their wedding and I wish them all the best in their marriage!

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