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    Photographs will touch the soul only once they have been made tangible. As a photographer I take great care to achieve this, and I hand the printed photographs over with a great emphasis on the quality and accuracy of colours.

    Photo book details:

    Photo paper: KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier

    Thickness of pages: 300 g, 1 mm/ page

    Colour of pages: white/black

    Surface of page: silk/ luster/ glossy/ matt/ metallic

    Print: Noritsu QSS – 3202

    Size of photo book: 12 basic sizes (standard- 30 x 30 cm in a closed form)

    Standard colour of photo book: a choice of 18 types of Italian leather/ 40 types of eco leather/ canvas

    Individual addition on the photo book cover: laser engraving/ own photograph under a plexiglass in the case of a leather cover and eco leather/ other writing font

    Why choose a photo book?

    Photo books are made in Slovakia and have a longstanding guarantee on binding.

    A book with 40 pages can contain up to 140 photographs (the number of pages can be increased for an additional price).

    Compared to a photo album, a photo book offers more opportunities to place photographs and create a photo collage.

    Photographs stretching across two pages look particularly appealing in a photo book.

    In the case you decide to purchase a photo book in addition to a photo shoot, the price starts from 200€. The cost of work and the collage of the photo book is free.

    If you have your own photographs and you are interested in your own photo book, this can be purchased for 200€+ the cost of work and collage according to the degree of complexity, which starts from 100€.

    The photo book is an exclusive way to preserve the most beautiful wedding memories in one place

    I wish a photo book

    Do you want to preserve your photographs in an unusual manner? Take a look at the Photo box.

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