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  • My name is Milan and I am photographer who specialises in wedding photography

    Using my lens, I try to capture love in all its shapes and forms, whether this love is present at weddings, among partners or in a family. Since I'm 193 cm tall, I can't guarantee that I'll easily "blend in with the wedding guests, but I can promise you that even after many years have passed, you will still recall the beautiful memories when you look at the photographs that I took.

    In order to capture your happy moments and unique details, I have to be able to predict these events and be at the centre of action. These moments come of their own volition, naturally, spontaneously. Therefore, I try to blend in with the guests and wait for the right moment. This is also one of the many things that I've learned in my journey of being a photographer.

    Photography has been my interest since I was a child. It took a few years and numerous photographed weddings until I found out which direction my photographs would take. I like photographs flooded in light, in the Fine Art style. To be more specific- photographs which most resemble those in the movies.

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