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  • A celebration of female beauty

    A bridal boudoir celebrates feminine gentleness and intimacy. Make your wedding day unique with boudoir photographs which will highlight the beauty of the bride in a luxurious, but subtle manner. Become inspired and find out what to expect in case you’re interested in this unconventional wedding photography.

    A celebration of femininity during bridal boudoir photography.

    Bridal boudoir as a surprise

    The photo editorial of the project For my Love captures the final moments before the bride puts on her wedding dress.

    Boudoir photography takes place in an elegant manner, which isn’t stressful for the bride, and it is a nice present for the groom when looking back at wedding photographs.

    The process of boudoir photography

    The wedding editorial took place in the premises of the May House in Modra, which offers beautiful wedding apartments.

    The bride and model, Laura Wittner, took on her role perfectly. Thanks to the wedding dress shop WeddingNo.1, hair accessories from the talented Mahasi by Petra and flower decoration from Papaver atelier, she became an attractive and gentle future bride awaiting her great moment.

    Unforgettable memories in a few minutes

    Boudoir photography is not a lengthy affair. It usually occurs shortly before the bride puts on her wedding dress. Only a few things are necessary for the photo shoot:

    • a room with natural light
    • a negligee, white shirt, elegant underwear or a decent nightgown
    • bridal shoes (photos show a pair by Badgley Mischka), or being barefoot
    • veil
    • a happy bride eagerly awaits her big moment.

    A love letter in calligraphy

    The photographs capture the moment when the bride is reading a love letter from her husband to be. Thanks to Martina Lyons,  who handwrote the poetic lines into calligraphy, the letter, along with the beautiful envelope, became an accessory which completed the entire intimate atmosphere.

    The text is a copy of the love letter that Honóre de Balzac gave to his beloved Ewelina Hánska in 1836.

    Notice how the photograph captures the bride’s face being covered with a love letter (the so-called double exposition).

    Details complete the atmosphere

    Even if it is to highlight the beauty and gentleness of the bride, details are that which contributes to the final atmosphere which shines through the photographs.

    Anemones, ranunculi, vetchlings or the eucalyptus. Flowers are an element which cannot be forgotten at any wedding. They exude freshness, happiness, and luck… Therefore, they cannot be forgotten even during a bridal boudoir photo shoot.

    Creating the atmosphere of gentle powder and beige pastel colours, can be made possible through a suitable choice of furniture and decoration. In this editorial the furniture was chosen thanks to the advice of the company Noble Mayer. The decoration, starting with the bows and ending with table covers, was provided by Wisteria and vine.


    However, the dominant actor was the bride. Innocence captured in white with a bold design. The wedding ring (from Miku┼í Diamonds) reflects the upcoming big moment, and the wine (from V├şno Ludvik) symbolizes a dose of excitement and luxury.

    The entire project was captured in a hybrid form, on a digital SLR camera and medium format analogue camera Mamiya 645 PRO. Analogue photographs are timeless when it comes to the colour. The film gives the photograph an additional analogue film grain which is more natural than digital noise.

    To all future brides: Celebrate your big day in your own way. Slow down and show your beauty in an original but also mysterious manner. Consider the magic of boudoir photographs.

    Our project caught the eyes of creators of the prestigious fine art blog Ador├ę blog marriage and they decided to publish our work. It is an honour and pleasure to stand side by side the best photographers who also publish their best work on this wedding blog..

    Thank you to all the suppliers for their amazing cooperation. A special thank you belongs to the helpful and welcoming lady Barbora from Star├Ż Dom, who very willingly gave us access to the premises of May House and significantly contributed to us getting the best photography results.